Monday, July 7, 2014


This past week I went to Chicago (p.s almost all my family lives there lol) I go often, and everytime we go we plan on doing something fun, this time we choose to go on a Boat Ride in the middle of the city, (Chicago Riverwalk)  even tho I been before in this ride like 9yrs ago :D I wanted to go again! There was  a lot of people just walking thru the streets experiencing the beauty of the City! We took the monorail to get to the downtown because its easier to get there without the haze of driving in the traffic and all of that stuff lol

I had an amazing time hanging out with my family, it was a little bit chill because its the Lake so I guess you can feel more the cold out here so I was glad I wear this Floral pants from Forever21  and a simple white shirt that I paired with a Gold Statement Neckless. And I loved my new white sandals from Target  they're super comfortable so it helped because we walked a lot thru the city! I used to live in Chicago and I still love going there with my family and make Memories! Enjoy my pics and I Vlogged so be alert to watch it lol that video would be on my Vlog Channel MaryGlow87 so go subscribe so you don't miss out my adventures! :)



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  1. I like your nails.It's always nice to do something fun with your family.


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