Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Hi Dolls! Well this is my small wish list for this year, I knew exactly what I wanted, and these are things that I know Im going to use.

 I been obsessed with Copper and I been wanting a copper mug for the longest, also these measurement cups and spoons are so pretty I would like to have them in my kitchen.

Im a coffee lover and a new keurig is what I need, also this high boots are everythingggg!  Some tennis shoes ||Adidas|| just for the everyday look.

I want to add some new gear to my filming equipment, a new lense for my camera canon T3i and a new small camera for vlogging or to take pics easy to take everywhere.

Tell me what is in your wish list I would like to know, please comment! 

Happy Holidays Loves. Xo


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