Thursday, May 22, 2014


What we no do to our Hair?!! Now a days Our hair is put thru A LOT, ... HEAT, COLOR, A LOT OF CHEMICALS, Etc!!
In this post I share some Tips to maintain a healthy hair!

1.Dnt Wash your hair every day, wash it like 3 time a week, if u wash it every day this will damage your hair more because you are taking out all the natural oils from your scalp that helps to maintain a healthy hair!

2.Cut your hair every 2 months, this will help you to eliminate dry split ends and at the same time you gonna stimulate the growth of the hair!

3.Avoid the use of chemicals in your hair, like dying your hair so often or the excess use of hair sprays, etc!

4.Do scalp massage every day before taking a  shower or before you go to bed, ( with the fingers give a gentle massage through the whole scalp) and this will help you to stimulate the growth of your hair!

5.Apply Almond Oil or Olive Oil on the ends of your hair every night, this to help you maintain them hydrated  and avoid split ends!

6.Avoid washing your hair with HOT WATER, this will damage your hair and your scalp, wash your hair with warm water and end with cold water on your hair the cold water will help you maintain a healthy hair as well!





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