Monday, June 2, 2014


Im sitting here in front of my computer it just started pouring outside, I like days like this haha :) it inspired me to sit down and here it is..

I feel like its been a long time since I haven't been posting here on my blog! Gosh I been up and Down but like 2 weeks ago I stopped  for a minute and said to myself....wat I am doing?? I feel like I have no life I mean I have one but my point is that Im not doing 100% what I like to do! Have that happened to you? That there comes a point in your life when U feel like its time to change your path and focus and what U actually like to do and actually do it?!! Well thats what happened to me exactly! As You knw well You guys that come and check my Blog or my Yotube Videos, my Instagram; knw that I love fashion and all that stuff! I decided that its time for me to study more and I decided to get a cosmetology license, well Im working on that right now, trying to sing up and everything!

Also Im gona try to be more constant on my Youtube channel like film more etc, Just put more time into my channel, sice I remember I always like to film and take pics (Having memories of my childhood) haha I can tell that this is my thing! sometimes we have to risk thing to get to where we wana be, I knw its not easy but with effort and time all your dreams can come true!

And dont let nobody tell U that U cant do it!!

Im also working in something exiting for me Im almost done and Im so happy, literally I been working and planning for months, but Im taking my time because I wana do it right! Cant wait to tell you guys ^_^

 If you dnt feel Happy where you are in life right now CHANGE IT!! Change your Path! You are not  a Tree, Move!!




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