Friday, March 11, 2016


Wasn't New Years yesterday?! I know for some of us the days and months pass by so fast, we already done with February oh God!
I went thru my things and these were the most Love products for the month of February, is hard for me to pick my favorites because sometimes I have a lot.
In the past month I been more into my products because I just came back to normal! if you follow me you know that I just had my baby boy on January, so I feel that I can finally put on makeup, do my hair, all that! In the final month of being pregnant most of us don't have the energy to get doll up because we are too tired, well that happened to me! 

1-I felt in Love with the Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Serum by L'oreal I use this serum to Flat Iron my hair, it smells great! is a fast-absorbing and leaves my hair silky shine! 

2- Wet n' Wild has step up their game with their products, they're very affordable and I honestly love this brand it never disappoints me! I bought this black eyeliner about 2 months ago, I needed a black eyeliner that don't run off and this does the job! Definitely will buy this eyeliner again.

3-I had this Elf Mineral Blemish Powder hidden in a drawer how could not use it?! Now this is one of my under eye setting powders, it works very well.

4-A mini Nail Polish? yes, aww firstable this is so cute! this was my favorite shade of blue,it make my nails stand out!

5-Olay is been one of my favorite brands ever! I included this Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter Body Wash in my Shower Routine! , On winter my skin tend to get dry and I needed a Body wash that was very moisture and now My skin thanked me!! 

6-My hair can get very flat at my roots and this Dove root lifter its been my favorite for some time now! My hair has volume at the top and is not all flat at all. *A must have!

7-NYX came out with  a new line of matte Liquid Lipstick call "lingerie" everybody was talking about how much they liked it, so I wanted to try them out and bought this shade called "PUSH-IP' let me tell you that this is is the only shade I used all month of February. I know, thats how much I loved it :)

8-To make your eyebrows look more clean and so they can actually look on "Fleek" then you have to use a concealer, but I found this NYX WONDER PENCIL that does wonders with my eyebrows! I picked up the shade "Medium" and yea this was one of my most used product last month. 

9-I always like to smell good, who doesn't right!! This Bath & Body Works Lotion in warm Vanilla Sugar is been my favorite for years now! I could say that this Lotion can be in my every month Favs! 

∆Do you have any February Favs? If you do please share them with me, comment down below!



  1. I have NYX Lingerie and honestly I am not impressed. Maybe it's problem in my lips. :D

    I love your blog and blog theme!

    1. Really? this is my first Matte liquid lipstick it works fine with me but maybe if i try others im going to like them better lol. And thank you :)


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