Friday, March 18, 2016


Well besides my cleanser and all that, these are my face essentials,  after trying lots of products with the time these are working fine for me now, I have oily Skin and sometimes its difficult to find the right products for my face that don't make my face more oily! Since I was little I used to watch my mom use the Olay line, she applied an Olay cream to her face all the time, so I decided to stick with this brand for now, its affordable and I think it does the job.

About a month ago I bought the Olay ProX, I wanted a brush so I can deep clean my face, and this brush can be a substitute to the Clarasonic that is way more expensive, so if you're looking for a face brush I totally recommend the Olay ProX is affordable and it works just fine, I will make a review on this brush in the future because i think it has so much to offer.

Lately I been trying the Aveda products too, there're more natural than most of the products outhere and so far i'm liking the line.


Olay ProX cleanser brush

Aveda botanical kinetics energizing eye cream
Diminishes dark circles and puffiness

Aveda botanical kinetics toning mist
I spray it on my face and throat after cleansing my face.

Olay Regenerist Luminous tone perfecting cream Moisturizer
Fades dark spots and evens the skin tone, prevents premature 

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